rip3d post-separation software pasteup3d1.0 user manual      

Main Features

It is suitable for monochrome file imposition of rip3d software color separation. Just spell one of the colors and the rest of the color will work together. All images are automatically aligned to the midpoint of the raster. Automatically add alignment bars and crosshairs.

Operation steps

  1. Open the software.
  2. Set the page size to the same size as the lenticular sheet.
  3. Set DPI, LPI, DPI and the physical precision of the output machine, consistent with RIP 3D software. LPI is also consistent with RIP3D.
  4. To import a color-separated image, just import any one of them. And move to the location you like.
  5. Import the color separation map of another picture and move it to the desired position.
  6. Output imposition map.
  7. Save your settings. In preparation for the next revision.

Video Tutorial