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Dot Software 3.0 User Manual

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System Requirements

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Operation Instructions

  1. Import the pattern. Only black and white bitmaps can be imported into the 1bit bmp format file. See the sample image.
  2. Output accuracy, please set to the physical DPI of the output device. If it is an offset press, it refers to the accuracy of CTP, generally 2400 or 2540, or 4800. If you use a printer, it refers to the physical precision of the printer. For example, EPSON is generally 720 DPI, and HP and Canon are generally 1200 DPI.
  3. The ratio of vertical compression. The default is 1, when the image size is large, you can set the value to 2-10.
  4. Page width in centimeters,
  5. Page height. When doing a spherical effect, the height is automatically equal to the width;
  6. The number of horizontal lines of the grating, that is, how many grating strips are in each inch of the horizontal direction. The number of thin dot raster lines commonly used in the market is 81.8, and the thick grating is 16.75. The LPI range of the lenticular grating is 10-210.
  7. The number of vertical lines of the raster. The common thin dot grating has 44 vertical lines and 16.75 thick gratings. If you use a lenticular raster, ignore this value.
  8. The intensity value of the three-dimensional (horizontal), also called the width of the shift, in centimeters. The larger the value, the stronger the stereoscopic effect. The thicker the raster, the larger the value can be set. When using a 17 LPI grating, it can be set to 5 CM. For example, when using a 100 LPI grating, set it to 1 CM.
  9. Stereo intensity value (vertical).
  10. Select a columnar grating.
  11. Select a dot raster.
  12. The three-dimensional effect of the ball bulging.
  13. The stereo effect of panning.
  14. Foreground. Front indicates that the front is a floating effect.
  15. Back view. Back means back. It is the effect of sinking.
  16. Composition preview. The analog display shows the pattern arrangement effect at the time of output. It is used to check whether the horizontal and vertical proportions of the pattern are deformed, whether the arrangement interval and the pattern size meet the requirements.
  17. Synthesis saves. The output file format is 1 bit bmp
  18. Composition preview area.

Operation example

  1. Prepare the pattern.
  2. Open the software.
  3. Import patterns. The pattern format is 1 bit tiff.
     yuan dian zaozuo

  4. After the image is imported.
  5. After setting the parameters in the composition box, click the "Composition Preview" button. The display is as follows.
     yuan dian zaozuo

  6. Click the "Synthesis Save" button to save the image.
  7. The following is displayed after saving. (The composite image is invisible before the dot grating is bonded.)
  8. Close this software, open the layout software, such as coreldraw, AI, and set the page size, import the composite image, do not zoom in and out, you can directly color, such as for printing, use simple color, such as C100, or M100, etc. For printing, you can apply any color.
  9. You can import multiple composite images of different depths, use masks, place containers, etc. to superimpose them.
  10. It is also possible to superimpose text, graphics, or color plane images. If it is a color pattern, it needs to be placed in a container, a mask, etc. to penetrate the bottom. Color image accuracy of 300 DPI is enough.
  11. After printing or printing, after the dot grating is aligned with the finished product, a clear three-dimensional pattern can be seen.

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Noun explanation

Dot grating: An optical refractive material consisting of a neat array of circular lenses.

1 bit bmp: BMP with only black and white colors. BMP is a common image format on your computer.

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